If you have done your research then you are aware of puppies that are born white could have issues with vision and hearing. We have taken steps to prevent EW (Excessive White )puppies by being mindful of the breeding crosses we make.   We are not close enough to the University of Columbia to have certified hearing or vision tests done on each puppy. I have for many years raised happy healthy puppies free of vision or hearing issues and I will continue to do so. All of my puppies will still get the same vet checks and our own personal hearing or vision checks see below!. I would NEVER intentially sell anyone a puppy with either problem.**

My vet has instructed me on how to check for these problems at home and I do these checks on all of my puppies individually.

For both of these tests a puppy is taken by itself to a quiet room and allowed to get used to the new area. For vision we drop a cotton ball and check to see if they follow the cotton ball fall. We use a cotton ball so that a puppy doesn't hear anything falling. This test is only for vision we don't want the puppy to react to the sound.

Hearing is checked in a similar way. I will drop a small object that makes a small noise behind the puppy and see if they respond. Usually it doesn't take much unless the puppy is unfamiliar with it's new surroundings. I will repeat this process many times while I still have them in my care.  We have also began using a standard clicker placed behind on each side to find a reaction to this pitch. The last thing I want to do is sell a puppy that has either of these issues.  There are times that a puppy is scared and will not react to either. So I just wait until they are happily playing and care-free to continue. They then pass easily!

I hope this answers any of your questions about this! I want you to be comfortable with the way I raise my puppies and will answer any questions you may have!

Thanks Jamie
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