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           IF YOU LOVE BIG, HANDSOME, USING-TYPE                        GELDINGS..........YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!!!             
   We specialize in big stout geldings at an affordable price. Whether you need a horse for feedlot, ranch work, or arena use, our horses are ready for the work and can handle the pressure. Generally we keep nice geldings around 16 hands tall with plenty of shape and substance. Some have been used to catch wild cows along with our Catahoulas. All horses have a good foundation. Most of all, we want to stress that our horses are as advertised. Our horses are ridden inside and outside. Trail riding obstacles like crossing water, jumping logs, and traffic are a walk in the park for them. If they have more than a month of training, they will:
-Be safe to handle and have good ground manners     
-Bathe and clip
-Stand for farrier
-Have good rate at a walk, trot, and lope
-Pull at least light loads

"Life's too short to ride an ugly horse"

                                  For sale now: "Nacho" SOLD

10 year old grade quarter horse with a good handle. He side-passes, spins, picks up his leads, backs well and stops hard. Opens gates and rides outside as well as he does inside. He's a handy sorting horse and has been roped on. He pulls hard and will walk off with a load like a workhorse with his head down. Very nice to halter-break colts on and has lots of trail miles. Can carry a big rider all day. His nice smooth way of traveling would work well in a feedlot setup. He'll go where you ask and rides in an O-ring snaffle. Perfect legs and feet. Sound in every way. Excellent on the ground. $2800 Look at other horses in the same price range and compare. 

This quiet gray gelding was a joy to have around and always the first to walk up to you in the pasture. Everyone loved his super slow lope.
The first paint we had here at our new place in 2009. He had a nice way of moving, a nice turnaround, and good stop.
This 16 hand gelding could do it all! He was the kid's horse, but was always called on when there was a serious job to do.
Section dedicated to a couple horses we've had in the past. These are the true all-around horses that got used during the week to catch wild cattle and gather, snub colts, then worked as pickup horses on the weekend. These horses earned their keep and taught me a lot.