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Rock Hills Stock Dogs
Performance Horses
                    Rockin H's Mongoose
                NALC Registered

Mongoose is 75 lbs of rock hard, cow stopping additude!  He is a black with brindle trim and blue leopard patches on his chest with amber eyes!
  Mongoose is a very athletic catahoula that gives his all in everything he does.  He is a very talented cow dog that knows when to stop them and knows when to move them!
  Mongoose is an all around great family and working dog!
Mongoose has been retired from breeding. He continues to be a faithful companion and hunting buddy here at Rockin H! We still have and will continue to breed his lineage through his offspring!
                    IA Hawkeye's Talon
                 NALC Registered
                    65 lbs
 Talon came to us a very well rounded pup. He has grown into a very willing and capable adult. He has a pedigree FULL of Champions. He is built to work. Talon has excelled in treeing and loves to run agility. We are lucky to have him and we look forward to all of his accomplishments!
Talon is a great assett to our working, breeding and showing program. 
 I can now add Bikejoring to his list! He has a love for running and has been easy to train in this sport!

                       White Rock's Drake
                     NALC Registered
                                        80 lbs
  Drake is built like a brick house! He has an appetite for work! Drake was shown his first cow at 8 months and worked like an adult. He has grit and passion.  Drake also excells in his obedience training! We have started Drake on agility and frisbee! Drake is a great addition to our program here at Rock Hills. 
  Drake entered his first show ring this year. He did a fantastic job and I am so proud of him! He placed 1st Best in Breed~ 1st Best of Group~ 2nd Best in Show
Drake at 8 months old! First time on a cow!
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May 2016 Show
               Flint Hills Jax
                      NALC Registered
                               80 lbs
 Jax is a solid red male with tan/brindle trim. He is new to our farm but watch for him! I see big things in this guys future! Jax is easy to handle and has so much self confidence.  We couldn't be happier to have him with us!
       Case's Copper
                       NALC Registered
                              80 lbs

 Copper is a brown sable leopard with bi colored eyes. He is a gentle soul! Full of life and full of love! Copper has a great nose and excels in tracking. He has been used on hogs and holds his own very well.  
Copper is the sire to Ember and Sable!