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Rock Hills Stock Dogs 
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Our dog Kahlua has completely changed our lives, for the better! We can't imagine life without her. She is so smart, and unique, and fits in all situations with us. We take her everywhere, and I can't even believe how much we love her. Sometimes, she looks so darn cute it hurts! Thank you Rock Hills Stock Dogs…Kahlua is a true member of our family and brightens every day for us. The whole process of
getting her was easy, and she has been a blessing in our lives ever since. 

Jordan and Lacey---Canada

We purchased "Pepper" on July 12, 2011 He is out of Jada & Blue Duck....He has the best personality and is very smart and loyal...I was surprised at how well he behaves for a pup. He is now a permanent part of our family and we love him!!! We are so hooked on Catahoulas now we have purchased (2) more! We didn't get them from Rock Hills only because she didn't have anymore pups available. Thanks Rock Hills for providing us with such a wonderful dog!

Wells Family-- Pennsylvania

This is the ever adorable Lexie! She is living a great life and I am so very happy for her!!
  Tessie the Firehouse Dog!
          Gioiosa Family
                  Bella X Blue Duck
         Adam's Family
     It's such a Hard life!!!
​                 Agador
This sweet sweet boy live with his momma Jeannine in Massachusetts!
            Blue    aka    (The Pony)
This precious baby belongs to the Fontyn family in Colorado! 

                       Blue X Bella
                Bella lives in Missouri with 
                       the Ottoline family!
                                         Blue X Pixy
I bought a young brindle female catahoula from Rock Hills Stock Dogs, and I could not be more pleased! She was the runt of the litter but has grown and is STILL growing! She is smart, intuitive, and I am already using her as a therapy dog. She has fit right into my family and God blest me with finding her and her breeder(Jamie). I had to have her shipped to me and Jamie took care of everything and she arrived safe and sound. I have recommended Rock Hills Stock Dogs and will continue to do so. When I need another pup I'll call them again. 

Annie - Montanna
My boyfriend, Rodney, and I fell in love with the Catahoula breed several years ago and after our 11 year old Siberian Husky passed away, we decided to look into bringing one into our home. My first choice has always been to go through a rescue, but each time we found a puppy we were interested in, a home was already found or the rescue didn't allow out of state adoptions. I found Rock Hills Stock Dogs while browsing online and contacted Jamie to see if she had any puppies available. At the time, she was expecting 2 litters and no one else had shown interest, so if we wanted to put down a deposit, we would have pick of the litter! We were very excited and since Rock Hills Stock Dogs is the closest Catahoula breeder to Wisconsin and we intended to drive down, we jumped on the opportunity!

I had a picture of the perfect dog in my head (a male blue leopard patchwork with blue eyes) and I was hoping that one would be born in either litter. Sawyer (his litter name was Riley) was born in the first litter and Jamie sent me a picture right away, knowing that I would love him. We waited until the second litter was born to make our decision just in case another pup fit the bill, but ended up going with our original choice. I'm so glad we did!!

Sawyer has it all! He's very smart, playful, loveable, and gets along with all people and dogs alike. He basically housetrained himself and rings a bell to tell us when he needs to go outside. He learns new tricks after only a couple tries and loves his toys and treats. His favorite thing to do is go to the dog park to play with other dogs. Rodney is training him for pheasant hunting and I'd like to try agility with him. I'm very impressed and very much in love with my Catahoula, Sawyer! He is a great dog and my best friend!

Angie Stahl and Rodney Flintrop
Waterford, WI.

Roux belongs to the Holmgren family!
           Hartwick Family!
                       Blue X Pixy
        Pritt Family!!!
           Bella X Blue

       Best Buddies!

 Chaos is now enjoying his new life with the Florey Family!
Hi Jamie

I wanted to write and tell you how much we love Trixie.
She has such a great personality. She's silly and playful, yet thoughtful and downright
pensive at times. She is great around our horses and loves to play with our mule; Eleanor.
She and I take the old three wheeler out almost everyday for a 3-5 mile run. When she was
younger she'd go a ways then i'd put her up in front of my on the seat and she'd ride home.
Now she keeps up and stops at the creek for a swim on the way home.
She LOVES to sleep in bed with us. She takes up all of the space she possible can
and snores like a freight train. This is our first Catahoula and did not know what to expect.
We are very happy with the choice we made. And thanks to you for sending us such a 
happy, healthy, well adjusted puppy. I'm sending a photo of Trixie checking out the hay loft
for the first time.

Tracy and Dan 

Tayla belongs to the Cappussi family!
This beautiful baby belongs to the Ruch family!
  Blue X Jada puppy!
Shelby's Baby girl!
This beauty belongs to the Heilman Family!
Mia Koda belongs to the Kopp Family!
The beautiful Miss PJ!!!
Ranger belongs to the Fopp family!!
Spoiled rotten with the Sayer family!!
Gracey belongs to the Horne family!!
Meet Chaps, he is a fine dog for sure! Bella is his mom!
 He is more than we could have every hoped for, and has blended perfectly to our family. It's just a plus he is so dang pretty!!!
Annabel C.

This is Merlot while we owned her and then at her new home with Jessica H. What a beautiful young lady!
                       ~*~ MAX~*~
Max belongs to Brenda L. What a nice big boy!
          Enjoying every minute of it!
                        Amanda A.
Garrett you are doing a wonderful job raising this young man!!
HB X Drake baby
Hello this is John M. I purchased a pup you called Marco several months ago. I told you when I called you to talk about the pup that he would be going into Search And Rescue training. Since you have not had a pup you raised go into SAR yet I thought you may be interested in how he was doing. I named him Jager (yea-gurr) and he is a fantastic fit into my home. Jager has proven to be smart, tough, and motivated to work which is essential for a SAR dog. Jager is 6 1/2 weeks into training and has impressed the head trainer for my SAR group so much he has started considering a Catahoula for his next search partner. Jager has consistently made finds and is progressing rapidly in his training. If Jager continues progressing in his training like he has so far, he will be mission ready by September. I thank you for taking the time to talk with me and listen to the traits I needed for my search dog. I make a point of promoting the breed and referring people to look at pups from your program if they are interested in the breed. I would not hesitate to purchase another pup from you.

Dexter at 1 and 1/2 years old helped me train for the 2014 Boston marathon. We ran in the freezing cold rain and snow for many runs including 5 or more that were 20 miles long. Once we had to stop half way through a 20 mile run to warm up at a local petco and get Dexter a treat :) he earned the medal in this picture. 
Kim's baby girl! Isn't she beautiful!
 Samson came to our family in December of 2013, needing a new partner for work on the ranch I looked to Jamie and her stock dog bred Catahoulas. He has not disappointed as an amazing work partner with natural herding instincts and a no quit attitude. He goes long hours horseback and on the 4-wheeler with me. An added bonus is his undying love and devotion to my son and I. He has truly become my 5 year olds best friend and loves to cuddle up with me on the coach after a long work day. I can't say enough about his dedication to both his job and his family.
 > Cathy, Carter and Samson
Silas is now 6 months old and working on becoming a certified search and rescue dog! His specialty is human remains detection.
~Blackburn Family