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Shipping Your New Puppy
If you are like I used to be, right about now you are thinking this is going to be a hard process that I'm not interested in. Let me assure you that it is not hard at all. I take care of ALL the shipping arrangements. I will simply need your full name (the name of the person to pick up the puppy), address, 2 contact numbers  and the closest major airport to you. That is it!! I will set up the flight and then as soon as I get all of the flight information in I will contact you with your arrival time, flight number and a conformation number.  You will need to bring a photo id with you to pick up your new puppy! 
 I only ship on Fridays.  Shipping from 8~9 weeks within the US is $350.
Yes, shipping is safe! If it wasn't I would never place one of my babies on a flight. I have shipped many puppies and I have never had any trouble. The puppies are usually ready to get out and play and get a bite to eat and drink when they arrive! 
The great thing about shipping is that every pet MUST have a health certificate stating that they are up to date on Vaccinations and are in good health. So no worries about your puppy traveling with sick puppies. 

Due to the new USDA shipping laws on dogs/puppies a few things have changed.
We are Missouri hobby/show breeder registered. We are Not USDA so we are unable to ship a puppy "PET" sight unseen. The only way we can stay in compliance with these new rules are as follows. 

~A person that is purchasing  puppy for working, which generally refers to a dog being sold for a specific  purpose such as herding, guarding, hunting, service dog, therapy, personal protection, racing, sledding, breeding to keep bloodlines etc.  
​~A person who plans on using one of our dogs for breeding purposes.
~Do to the new law not allowing us to ship sight unseen solely for pet purposes you may have someone ~stand in~ for you. If you have someone in the area that can see the puppy before it ships is the only way to ship for pet only.

You can at anytime pick your puppy up at Dexter Mo.

 We must send us an email detailing which purpose you are purchasing a puppy for.

Your new puppy
 will come with:

Health Guarantee 

Health Certificate from Vet 

Kennel Crate 

Registration Papers

Health Record including all shots given, wormer, etc.

Please just let me know if you have any questions!

We ship to most all Major/International Airports within the United States!

Canadian Destinations 

*Calgary, AB (YYC)
*Edmonton, AB (YEG)

*Toronto, ON (YYZ)

British Columbia:
*Vancouver, BC (YVR)

*Montreal, QC (YUL)

Nova Scotia:
*Halifax (YHZ) 

Feel free to call or email for a price quote, as some destinations require day kenneling, per the flight schedule.

 Side note*** Please Please don't take your new puppy to parks and other places that could pose a risk to your new puppies health. I know that all you want to do is show off your new family member but that can be dangerous. Please talk with your vet about the age that your new puppy would be safe to enter all environments. Virus's lurk everywhere including Parvo Virus which can live in the ground for years. Vaccinations are not 100% until they get their adult shots at around 4 months of age. All of my puppies are vaccinated on schedule. Generally your puppy will have 2 sets of shots before they leave my home!

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