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A deposit of $150 will hold your spot in line for pick of a puppy. Rock Hills always has first pick if we feel it will advance our breeding and working program.  Deposits are non-refundable. You may choose a puppy from another litter as long as that puppy is not spoken for. Deposits can be sent through pay-pal the address for that is rockinhcatahoulas@gmail.com. You must check with me before making any deposits. I try my hardest to update often but there are times when a puppy may show that it is available and it is NOT. I do offer a discount on purchase price and shipping for buying 2 puppies. If a litter is not ready in time for a special occasion think about framing a picture for that special someone until your puppy is ready to come home.  I can also take an individual video of your puppy that you can show as a Sneak Peak!!
 I have started a new policy. I hate that the world has come to this and I hope everyone will understand.  Effective Now ALL puppies will be shipped or I will meet at a specified location. I am in NO WAY ashamed of our dogs nor the conditions in which they live. As a mother this is purely for the safety of my family, dogs included.  I can provide you with a vet reference and many many photos and videos of our puppies and adults and their living arrangements. I take great pride in our dogs and family but I MUST keep my family safe. The sad thing is 90% of people are the greatest but that other 10% are who I worry about. I hope that everyone will understand where we are coming from. If you are concerned you are more than welcome to contact our vet for reference.
Thanks for understanding, I will miss getting to show off my dogs but I will sleep better knowing my family is safe.  PLEASE DON'T ASK  IF YOU CAN COME TO OUR HOME! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I can provide vet references!
  If you have any questions please feel free to call me I would love to visit with you!  

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Hyslop Photography 
Hyslop Photography   
 Catahoula puppy prices ~$600 regardless of gender or color effective now. Color doesn't make a dog what it is.
 Catahoula pups need to be placed in a working home or a very, very active family/hunting home.  Catahoula's don't always work out for everyone. When we say they are high energy and must be exercised we mean it. Some dogs are higher drive than others.  Some can work well in a family setting but turn on the heat when working, some will eat your home! 
Deposits are $150 a $5 fee is added for paypal and deposits are non-refundable.

We do offer shipping within the United States and Canada! Shipping is $350 in the United States crate included call for Canadian prices! 

Hyslop Photography   
Please visit the Deposit info page to place a deposit! 
        UPDATED July 19 2017
Visit our Facebook Business page for more up to date info! Just search            Rockin H Catahoulas 
You may place a deposit on a certain litter but if you change your mind at a later time that is also okay. Deposits are non refundable.
  Please refer to our deposits info page for additional information.
  Please also check the Shipping Your Puppy page!

                          Case's Copper
                  Rockin H's Brooke
 Copper and Brooke are both driven dogs with good work ethics. Both have easy going personalities at home with the family! I'm expecting large pups with blocky heads and great minds!Copper carries the sable gene and I'm excited to see what we end up with! This is a planned breeding. Copper sired our Ember, Maggie and Sable Due June 2017