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                            Rock Hills Stock Dogs                     

                      How the waiting list and deposits work:

     To purchase a puppy from Rock Hills, buyers pay a $150 non-refundable deposit. Buyers will be placed on a waiting list based on when their deposit is recieved. Depositors choose their puppy in this order. Rock Hills reserves the pick(s) of all litters if they choose.  Final payment is due one week prior to a puppy shipping. If payment has not been made by the designated date deposit will be void and the deposit is non refundable. If something comes up contact me as soon as possible so that we can work out a plan! If puppy is a pick up final payment is due at the time of pick-up, cash only!

  We will keep updated photos available on this site and also on our Face Book page. We will also take videos periodically which will also be posted on this website. We will show all available puppies with a brief description on color, sex and disposition. 

  We ask that your picks be made by four weeks of age. You will have 2 days to make your pick after that time. If a pick is not made the next depositor in line will take your pick. We ask that you choose two or more puppies just in case one of them is chosen ahead of you.

  After the four week old picks have been made all deposits will hold any specific puppy that you choose that is not marked SOLD.  Always check with me for availability before placing a deposit.

  We understand that the blue eyed (glass eyed) puppies are very unique and very sought after. For this reason most of the blue eyed puppies are chosen first. This is a very important reason to secure your place in line. We make NO guarantees on eye color. There are many beautiful Catahoulas that do not have glass eyes so please don't overlook a puppy just for this reason.  Eye color does NOT make a catahoula. Also we make No guarantees on coat colors or sexes of puppies until they arrive. 

  If you decide to wait on a different litter your deposit will roll over to the next available litter.  You may choose from another available litter but your place in line may change depending upon other deposits received. 

  We do our absolute best to keep your chosen puppy safe and healthy at all times! We love our puppies and will always do right by them! We do live on  a farm and there are always risks. Most are out of our control. Should the unthinkable happen and your choosen puppy be injured or pass away another puppy should be choosen or you may pick from another litter.​ No refunds!  In all cases of injury immediate medical attention will be abtained. 

  When sending a deposit please check with me first. I try my hardest to update daily. Sometimes a puppy may show available that is not.  When sending a deposit please email me with the following info:  Full name, address, phone number,  the desired sex, coat color and eye color of your puppy to be.  Email address is rockinhcatahoulas@gmail.com

    We accept money-gram through Wal-Mart and Paypal. Paypal payments can be sent to rockinhcatahoulas@gmail.com . When paying in full you must include a 3% fee, as that is what I am charged from Pay Pal! Both are very safe methods of payment. We will take a personal check but your placement in line starts for a deposit once I receive the check. For the full payment we must get the check 10 days prior to puppy leaving. 

   We had a few issues with our previous Pay Pal buttons so I am adding on this page!! If you would like to place a deposit with Pay Pal you can click on the BUY THIS button below. There is a $5 paypal fee attached to each deposit. Once you place the deposit please send me an email to rockinhcatahoulas@gmail.com  (this is also the pay pal address for sending funds) with this info..... your full name, address, phone number and your preferred color and gender. Color and gender does not have to be set in stone its just helpful to have an idea before hand.  I will also need to know which litter you would like to be placed on. This placement can be changed at any time per your request.  All upcoming litters are placed on the upcoming litters page. There is also a deposit list placed under each litter so you know how many are already on the list. This list is not always updated as I don't update everyday.  I have other pages set up to show some of the previous litters for a generalized idea of what we MAYexpect.            As always feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Our email is rockinhcatahoulas@gmail.com 

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To place a non refundable deposit on an upcoming litter please click the Buy This button below! Please follow the instructions above!