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 This is a list of things you may consider having before your new puppy arrives!

1.) Hi Standard with Pumpkin, this is not a puppy food, if this isn't available in your area Nutro Puppy or similar feed!! Many people are feeding Blue Buffalo. This is a great feed but will cause loose stools when first beginning this feed until puppy adjusts.
The large breed puppy feed works better for some and not as well for others. If you decide to feed a large breed feed and notice your puppy isn't holding a good weight you may switch to a regular puppy feed. If you feed a normal puppy feed and notice your puppy has front legs that begin to bow then switch to large breed formula to correct this issue. The goal is to have your puppy grow at a slow steady rate!
2.) Kennel Crate for housebreaking (one will come with the puppies being shipped).
3.) NuVet ~ We have a page on the tab above for more info!!!
4.) Chew toys such as antlers, ropes, balls and squeaky toys! I recommend having several for the puppy to choose from!
5.) Leash and collar! We use cat sized collars for the puppies! Young pups will not be leash broke.
6.) Treats for training, only a small amount should be given to keep puppies from getting an upset stomach.
7.) Have a vet lined up for vaccinations and checkups! 

Puppy vaccinations are so very important!  Most of our puppies go home at 8 weeks of age! NEW OWNERS please set a vet appointment now for no later than 3 weeks after your puppy gets home for their booster! . So please take the time and be certain that you are doing everything you can to protect your puppy. This also includes not taking your puppy to high traffic areas where parvo or a number of other things can be transmitted like rest stops on the way home, airports after picking up puppy or Petco. I don't even let the puppies touch the vet office floor because of the worry. I want the best for these little guys and for your family!

8.) Most of all lots of love and patience!

                                   ENJOY YOUR NEW PUPPY!

Something to watch~~~ We have well water and sometimes puppies don't like treated city water after they leave here. Please be sure they are drinking. If not you may have to give bottled water until they slowly adjust!!

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