Rock Hills Stock Dogs
  P.O. Box 223
 Bloomfield, Mo 63825
 Phone: (573) 820-3131 or 573-820-2344

I live in the country so if I don't answer please leave a message with a call back number and time zone. Our phone service is sketchy! Also please be mindful of us living in the Central Time Zone. We have been getting calls after midnight! Thanks So Much!
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Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I am more than happy to answer all questions to ensure that you get the right pet and that my babies get a great home. If you have concerns about shipping let me assure you that it is as simple as can be on your part. You simply need to pick your new baby up at the airport. I handle the rest. I have made so many friends through placing pups! Hope to hear from you!
       Here are some of my placed pups.....
Miss Onyx now lives in Arkansas.
Bradbury Emmett now lives in Pennsylvania.
Thanks to all the wonderful homes you all have given my lil' angels.
Rock Hills Stock Dogs
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